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Meet Alice!

A young hardworking girl filled with hopes and dreams of traveling and working abroad.

She works hard day and night to make sure she’s the best she can be …

Alice’s hard work finally pays off!

She graduates but unfortunately there are no jobs, even with her degree…

Alice is approached by rich Uncle Jojo, he is well connected. Maybe he could help with the job search and travel dreams. But uncle Jojo has different thoughts in mind…

Uncle Jojo comes through

Alice is able to travel to become a “teacher” in Malaysia. Despite the red flags and warning signs Alice perceives, she decides to take up the opportunity anyway.


Things don’t go well for Alice. Instead of the promised teaching job with “extravagant” benefits, she is forced into commercial sex exploitation. She is left helpless and depressed.


aims to assist victims like Alice to access aftercare services through linking her to legal aid and organisations working on rehabilitation but also prevent other people from becoming victims of human trafficking by providing safe migration tips and how to spot trafficking red flags.

Stay safe and informed

Find the list of licensed recruitment companies as of April 2018: